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Bowzer Enhancement: Collapsible BD View

What will Bowzer Enhancement: Collapsible BD View do for me?

When browsing an actor's payload methods within Bowzer, the pane on the right is used to show the block diagram. This is helpful when learning an Actor Framework  project, but when using Bowzer primarily for development (e.g. finding Msg callers or dragging a payload method to get the "Send" version of the Msg on the BD) the BD preview is often unnecessary and can take up a lot of screen real estate. This update would make the block diagram view collapsible to improve the developer experience when using Bowzer for AF development.

How will this help me?

  • It will save you time.  
  • This feature will enhance the developer experience.  Once you have familiarized yourself with the Architecture and layout of the project you can collapse the Block Diagram view freeing up screen space to use as you continue with your development

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