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Bowzer Enhancement: Docked Choose Implementation Dialog

What Will the Bowser Docked Choose Implementation do for me?

Bowzer allows AF developers to view the payload methods of messages that can be sent to an actor, some of which might be dynamic dispatch. The current "Choose Implementation" dialog is a floating window where the developer can choose to view a specific dynamic dispatch implementation. It is very much like the native LabVIEW choose implementation window when opening a dynamic dispatch method in LabVIEW. While functionally fine, the floating nature of the window can tend to get in the way when manipulating Bowzer and we think a better user experience would be to have this selection window docked with the main Bowzer window (like the current Actor and Payload Methods lists) eliminating the need to manipulate multiple windows within Bowzer.

How will this help me?

  • It will save you time.  By docking this window instead of having it floating you will not need to move it around on the screen to make VIs you are working on visible.


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