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Panther Dashboard Enhancements

Panther Dashboard was  presented during GdevCON NA 2022,  it is a functional project, however the following enhancements are desired.

·       Add a config section to pre select the initial behavior of Panther Dashboard like:

·       Scan the first project immediately

·       Use ‘My Computer’ as default tarjet

·       Default Theme [Dark, Light]

·       All the fields needed by Antidoc

·       Generate Antidoc Documentation by calling this tool with the corresponding fields.

·       Work on several UI Improvements like:

·       Allow the user resize the window

·       Show or hide sections like documentation and DQMH Scripting.

How will this help me?

While developing DQMH code this Dashboard with its enhancements provides a tool to easily navigate projects.  IT provides tools to find edit and create events and modules.



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