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VI Peek - Semantic Zoom for LabVIEW™

All Proceeds for this project are going to the startup costs to create the G Idea Exchange.  VI Peek is being donated as an incentive to sponsor this new, great resource for the G Programming Community.

What does VI Peek do?

VI Peek provides a different way to zoom your VIs.  From a single window, you can drill down a VI hierarchy and easily move back up the calling chain.

How will VI Peek help me?

  • During a debugging session, how many windows do you have open? 10? 100? 1000?
  • Do you have trouble remembering how to move back up the call chain after drilling down through the VI hierarchy to lower-level VIs?

This is where VI Peek can save you time.  

  • When VI Peek is active, selecting a SubVI on any Block Diagram opens the VI Peek window.
  • When opened, it will show the selected SubVI's Block Diagram.
  • Clicking on another SubVI from within the VI Peek window allows you to view that SubVI's Block Diagram.
  • Clicking Back or in the Peek Stack (hierarchy) allows you to move back up the call chain.

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