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Windows Stack - Front Panel and Block Diagram window manager

What does Windows Stack do?

Windows Stack provides a way to quickly organize your open Front Panel and Block Diagram windows.  Use a Quick Drop shortcut to push the current set of open windows to a stack, including the position, size and z-plane order of the windows.  You can then work on these VIs.  When done you can use another Quick Drop shortcut to pop the stack back to the original set.


How will Windows Stack benefit me?

  • When working on a large project how many VIs or subVIs do you have open? 1, 2, 5, 10?
  • Wouldn't it be nice to be able to quickly switch between sets of open windows without having to manually open everything? Or perhaps to close open windows not in the current stack.

This is the Goal of Windows Stack

In the initial version the target is to have the following:

  • QuickDrop shortcut for “push a stack entry for the current VI windows open and their positions and sizes”.
  • QuickDrop shortcut for “pop a stack entry to close all VI windows except those in the stack entry and open all VI windows in the stack entry not already open. Restore the z-plane order.”
  • QuickDrop shortcut for “pop a stack entry, same as above, but also restore position and size of windows



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