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LabVIEW YAML to JSON Converter

What will the YAML to JSON Converter do for me?

Many developers are beginning to use Continuous Integration / Continuous development workflows and there is a trend toward Automating those workflows.  The YAML to JSON Converter will provide a minimum of 2 VIS one that will take a JSON File as an input and output the file in the YAML format. Another that takes an input file in YAML format and outputs the file converted to JSON,


How will this help me?

  • This will give you a tool in LabVIEW that can quickly generate a YAML file for Automating your CI/CD process.
  • There is a benefit to you because YAML is a more human readable format.

The Goal of the converter is to:

  • Encourage the use of CI/CD workflows in your processes
  • Make it easier to get started and configure the workflows.

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